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Make a Mancala Game

Barley Harvest Woodworking Plans A few plans for making your own table and board games such as bagatelle and checkers.



World Crafts Games by Meryl Doney. Published by Watts. ISBN: 0-7496-2344 6.
Geared towards children but of value to adults too. A variety of pastimes and games like marbles, tops, dice, Mancala, Pachisi, Chess, cards, dominoes and jacks.

Games of the World edited by Frederic V. Grunfeld. Published by Plenary Publications International Inc. ISBN: 0-345-25531-3
This is a corporate type effort but very comprehensive giving more than 100 detailed plans for making your own board and tables games. Very impressive.

Play It Again. Historic Board Games You Can Make and Play by Asterie Baker Provenzo and Eugene F. Provernzo, Jr. Published by Prenctice Hall Inc. c1981 Hardback Book (9 1/2" tall; 7 1/4" wide).






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