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Royal Game of Ur

The Game of Twenty Squares (The Royal Game of Ur)


The Chess Family (International Chess, Chinese Chess, Shogi)

Tafl Games

The Tafl family (Tablut + Fox and Geese)

Mill, Nine Mens Morris

Nine Men's Morris (Mill, Merels)


The Alquerque Family (Draughts, Checkers, Fanorona)

Snakes and Ladders

The Mystical game of Moksha-Patamu (Snakes and Ladders)

Halma and Chinese Checkers

Halma was invented about 1880 and Chinese Checkers is just a modern Western version of Halma popular in the 1920's. (But rules were made to be broken).

Reversi, played on a Draughts board was invented in 1888.