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The following pictures were kindly sent to the author by Bette Bemis of the Cribbage Boards Collectors Society of the USA.

Tobacco Bakelite Cribbage

English tobacco advertising. Bakelite ca 1940.

Cribbage Board

English brass table. ca 1885

Tartanware Cribbage board

Tartanware - ca 1880

English Inlay Cribbage

English inlay box. Courtesy of Thomas F. O' Gara.

Victoria paper inlay cribbage board

Victorian paper inlay. Courtesy of David Zipkin

Ivory inlay cribbage board

Ivory inlay with lapout. ca. 1880. Courtesy of Thomas F. O'Gara.

English brass cribbage board

1880s English Brass. Punch from Malcom Enos

English pub cribbage board

English Pub board ca. 1900. Brass on Oak.