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The following pictures were kindly sent to the author by Bette Bemis of the Cribbage Boards Collectors Society of the USA.  All show Cribbage boards made in the USA.

Tiger Maple cribbage board

Handcrafted Tiger Maple inlay board belonging to Paul Ellinwood

Mongram Cribbage board

Mongram Cribbage Board Co. Patented March 8 1892

Triangular cribbage board

F. Drueke and Sons, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Model 39.

Vandercraft Cribbage board

Vandercraft, Prineville, Oregon

Hedgehog Cribbage board

Hedgehog board, Manufacturer: John Gills, New York City. Pat 22 December, 1863

silver plate cribbage board

Silver plate box, Rogers- Smith Co., Meridan, Connecticut c. 1895

Bowling pin shaped cribbage board

Plastic Bowling Pin board, Sports Board Inc. Blaine, Minnesota.

Square cribbage board

W.E Horn Bros & Co., Newark, New Jersey, Model C34