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Card games: One & Thirty, Bone-Ace (An ancestor to modern Blackjack, and mentioned as early as 1611.)

Maw was popular with the English court starting with James I

Cribbage and it's ancestor Noddy were being played

For Dice games Hazard was the longest standing popular dice game in Europe.

Backgammon -even folding backgammon boards are documented.

But also you could play chess (the style of men are in a bit of a flux at this period with many very elaborate sets and some more simple ones), Nine Men's Morris was still popular as was Fox and Geese and Draughts (checkers in the u.s.).

The Royal Game of Goose was played for fun and for money.

Piquet was the favourite of Charles and Henrietta.

In one of Henrietta's letters to her friend in France, she asks for a game of Spillikins: they are good fun. These were commonly made from reeds but the Queen asks for them especially so I expect they could be made as elaborately - like the plastic 'ladders' and 'hammers' you can buy today.

Seventeenth century cricket is good fun. Use oversized Hockey sticks and shorter stumps and they, along with Quoits, are of great interest to the crowd.

The Earl of Newcastle, when exiled on the continent, won lots of money at 'The Butts' which is archery of course. Archery was also very popular.





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