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Popular games that already have associations and overseeing bodies are ignored e.g. Dominoes, Lawn Bowls (other types of bowls are there) or International Darts (but Regional Dart variations are listed).

Most information is from people who have written to me, but I have also derived information from books, media articles, field observations from myself and aquaintances as we travel around the country and any other snippets of information that I come across. I'm afraid that the lists are far from comprehensive.

There is scope for a much more thorough survey of pub games and ideally it would be stored in a well-structured database. If anyone is interested to pursue such a project, I would be happy to colloborate and to contribute the database and the website to house the results.

Western Skittles The most popular form of Alley Skittles - primarily from the West country.
Other Alley Skittles Other forms of British alley skittles - Long Alley Skittles from the Midlands, Irish Skittles and Old English Skittles
Table Skittles Daddlums, Northamptonshire Table Skittles, Leicestershire Table Skittles
Bar Skittles The classic compact table-top skittles games where you swing a ball around a pole
Quoits Steel Quoits
Indoor Quoits Evesham Quoits / Pub Quoits /
Aunt Sally Mainly around Oxfordshire, of course
Bar Billiards  
Darts Any regional Darts except the London board, as that's found everywhere.
Bat & Ball Bat & Trap, Stoolball, Knur & Spell
Pitching Discs Toad in the Hole, Pitch Penny
Bowls Crown Green, Table Bowls, Carpet Bowls
Ringing the Bull  
Shove Ha'penny and Push Penny