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  • World Crafts Games by Meryl Doney. Published by Watts. ISBN: 0-7496-2344 6.
    Geared towards children but of value to adults too. A variety of pastimes and games like marbles, tops, dice, Mancala, Pachisi, Chess, cards, dominoes and jacks.
  • Games of the World edited by Frederic V. Grunfeld. Published by Plenary Publications International Inc. ISBN: 0-345-25531-3
    This is a corporate type effort but very comprehensive giving more than 100 detailed plans for making your own board and tables games. Very impressive.
  • Play It Again. Historic Board Games You Can Make and Play by Asterie Baker Provenzo and Eugene F. Provernzo, Jr. Published by
    Prenctice Hall Inc. c1981 Hardback Book (9 1/2" tall; 7 1/4" wide).