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The main Cribbage Page.

In Jan 2016, Siv Sears wrote to inform me about his project to play Cribbage in all 39 ancient counties of England. Later in December 2017, this modern-day "John Suckling", announced the formation of the UKCA - The United Kingdom Cribbage Association, which is managed from the UK Cribbage Association Facebook Page.

The Ledbury Cribbage League Founded 1922. 2022 website has disappeared. Email if you have more info...
Yeovil and District Cribbage League. Email: yeocrib@tiscali.co.uk
Salisbury Crib League

Littlehampton & District Cribbage League Contact L P J Rolfe (Secretary) 01903 785290. Plays monthly
Basingstoke And District Invitation Cribbage League Site
The Belvoir Castle, Bath has Skittles, Darts, Shove Ha'penny & Cribbage Leagues!

Evesham and District League: Sec, Mike Wells (01789 772580).
Moreton and District League: Sec, Neil Harvey (01608 661901).
MES Pinvin and District League: Press officer, Mike Pugh (01386 554120).
Pershore League: Barry Orwin (01386 561480).

Blandford and District Cribbage League

Harpenden Cribbage League. Contact Mr G W Day 01582 767558 The group meets on Thursday evenings from September until May.

King's Lynn & Downham Cribbage League Mr Sam Tyler 01553 765524

The Rugeley & District Cribbage League

Cricklade Cribbage League Cyril Coombes 01793 751068

Bewdley Cribbage League (Jan 23: website disappeared but other websites with schedules show that it's still going strong).

Warminster & District Cribbage League (September 2008 - the website has disappeared. Let me know if it reappears anytime...)


The Quorn and Soar Valley Cribbage League. www.qsvcrib.co.uk We are an active group with twelve teams playing between September and April every year. Submitted July 2016 by Phil Child, the chairman since the league began in 1980.

Bere Regis & District Cribbage League, a burgeoning league based in South Dorset (July 2017, Victoria Gallagher-White)

Clacton Cribbage League inaugurated in 1983 (May 2019, Derek Rowland)