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The Star Inn, Ashton under hill, Evesham, Worcestershire 01386-811325 (submitted John Crowther, Feb 2000)
The Queens Head, Eynsham, Oxfordshire (submitted Dec 2000, Ed Hollingshead)
The Miners Arms, Whitecroft, Gloucestershire, GL15 4PE (submitted Elaine Grief, March 2002)
The Belvoir Castle, Bath, has Skittles, Darts, Shove Ha'penny & Cribbage Leagues! It also has a bit of a dodgy website but nobody's perfect.


The Ryde & District Shove Ha'penny League.

Submitted July 2000, by the chairman, Paul Mattick, Tel. 01983 811661. Consists of the following pubs:
Simeon Arms, Ryde.
Castle Inn, Sandown
Castle Inn, Ryde
Falcon Inn, Ryde
King Lud, Ryde
The Partlands, Ryde
Lake Huron, Ryde
High Park Tavern, Ryde
Princess Royal, Newport
Ryde Liberal Club
Woodmans Arms, Wooton
Fleming Arms, Ryde
Redan, Ryde


Chew Valley Shove Halfpenny League

Submitted March 2008, by Ian Thick. At March 2008, this league consists of the following four pubs situated south of Bristol in Chew Valley and on the Mendip Hills.

'The Poachers Pocket' of Chelynch
'The Hunters Lodge' Priddy
The Butchers Arms' Bishop Sutton
'The Castle of Comfort' Also Priddy.

They meet on a Monday night from October through to March with a six person team and each team plays 2 home and away games against each other. There is a singles, Ladies Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Team Knockout competition in addition to the league fixtures. There is also a special competition 'The Ben Dors Cup' in commemoration of a founding member of the league. (His family still own the Hunters Lodge and it has been in the family for several generation without changing - Great place to go if you are local and love real ale which is sold direct from the barrel.). They are always keen to meet new players and teams wishing to join but it is difficult in an area with so many pubs falling into the hands of conglomerates plus the area also has a very strong skittles tradition and this often clashes. Apparently, the last CV champions 'deserted' to the Radstock league for the 07/08 season, having been league winners 5 or 6 times over the last 7 years. The league secretary is Alan Butcher.


The Radstock League

There is also another SH league 'The Radstock' in the South Bristol area which has approx 12teams. Mentioned March 2008, by Ian Thick.


The Barnstaple Shove Ha'penny League

Barnstaple has 2 leagues run by the owners of:

Corner House
108 Boutport Street
EX31 1SY
Telephone: 01271 343528

Reported July 2009 by Dawn, secretary of the ladies league which has 5 teams. There is also an open league open to both sexes that has 10 teams. They play on wooden Shove ha'penny boards.


The Newport Shove Ha'penny League

In Newport, they play on slate. The open championship 2009 was held in Newport and organised by Steve Short of The Ringlands Labour Club.


Blandford Shove Ha'penny league

Nov 2009 Nigel Jones wrote with info on the Blandford league organised by The Railway Hotel, Blandford, Dorset a great place playing loads of traditional pub games. The Railyway has 2 teams plus there are teams from:

Bakers Arms
Crown, Stickland


Bath Shove Ha'penny league

Mentioned by a member of the Barnstaple league in July 2009. No further information known



There is also a thriving Shove ha'penny circle in central Italy called The 1521 Club that meets with some regularity in 'BAR MACONDO' in the centre of Trestina. Trestina is close to the city of PERUGIA in Umbria and about mid-way between Rome and Florence. For details, please contact Jim Powrie.


Push Penny

Feb 2007 - it is rumoured that "The Bo Peep" in Hastings still plays Push Penny.





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