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Welcome.  This website provides history and useful information about traditional games from around the world.  You will find it copied and plagiarised all over the Internet - rest assured that everything on this website is original. The games featured have survived for centuries or millenia simply by being passed down from generation to generation and most continue to thrive today.

Look up a specific game using the 'Game Index' button above or you can drill down to your area of interest using the categories below.

Board Games


Burmese Chess PiecesThe histories of all the major board games played today from all over the world.  Including Western board games favourites like Chess (descended from Shaturanga),  Draughts (descended from Alquerque),  the ancient Egyptian game of   Nine Mens Morris  and  Backgammon (descended Go banfrom Senat) and childrens favourites Snakes and Ladders, and Chinese Checkers (a modern version of Halma).

Just as importantly, games which are even more popular but less well known in the West  such as GoShogiChinese ChessMancala and  Pachisi (Ludo).  Plus some unusual games like the ancient Norse game of Tafl, the Madagascan game of Fanorona and some really ancient games like the Royal games found at Ur.

Table Games


CrokinoleBagatelleTable games including Carrom from Asia and the Billiards family through Snooker to the American and European derivatives, Bar Billiards, Bagatelle, Pool and Carom Billiards

Also, the Shovelboard and Shove Ha'penny family, Squails and Crokinole plus the table-top versions of Skittles, Indoor Quoits and Bagatelle and casino games such as Roulette. Not forgetting Table Tennis.

Pub Games


QuoitsThe history of British pub games and other unashamedly traditional British pastimes: Dominoes, SkittlesCribbage, Quoits, Shove Ha'penny, Billiards and Snooker, Skittles, Darts, Bar Billiards and a few splendidly eccentric extras for good measure like Ringing the Bull, Toad in the Hole, Bat & Trap, Knur & Spell and Aunt Sally.

Lawn Games


BowlsTennisTraditional Lawn games including

Bowls, Cricket, Croquet, Tennis, Rounders, Baseball and Badminton, Pall Mall.

Dice, Cards and Tiles


Chinese playing cardsCriibage boardMah JongDominoes, Shut the Box

History of Playing Cards

Cribbage, Poker, Baccarat

Jenga & other Crescendo games

If you are organising a league, competition or maybe just play a less well-known pub game in your local, the author is happy to mention it on this website for free. See the Leagues and Pubs page.







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